Students interested in cross disciplinary examination of particular topics may enroll in these elective seminars. The seminars are offered as real-time teleconference webinars in which learners may participate with the presenter in discussion and exploration of ideas and content. Learners are provided access to the CWIS Teleconference Courseroom at an appointed time. Seminars are recorded and may be later accessed through a url provided by the instructor.

To explore the intimate relationship between one’s own body and the environment, the forms of depredations done to both the body and the environment and the various approaches to mediating further damages through the use of traditional healing practices for the body and effective decision-making for the earth.

By Arrangement:

The Art and Science of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for the prevention and treatment of Diabetes, Chronic pain and chronic illness.


1 Credit Seminar

Fourth World nations have the distinction of being located generally remote from state population centers throughout the world. Whether in the Russian Federation, Australia, France, Australia, or the United States, nations find themselves victims of nuclear radiation from tests, bomb manufacture, and waste storage. In this seminar we examine the social, economic, political, cultural, health, and strategic consequences of living under the nuclear cloud.
The history, meaning, and implications of implementing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples for Fourth World diplomacy and the future of Fourth World Nations. What can the Declaration mean to the people at home?